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Bathroom Renovation, Everything You Need to Know


When it comes to bathroom renovation most people prefer the DIY method. Before I go any further, DIY stands for "do it yourself." DIY is a good choice for people that have patience when learning new things and doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. When done right the DIY method is a cost effective way to updating your bathroom.


Learn if DIY is right for you.


Bathroom renovation DIY will save you money and can be satisfying, if done correctly, but is DIY right for you? For most people a DIY project consists of color selection, demolition and removing or repairing things like hooks and towel rods. If you project requires advanced skills like plumbing and electrical then you will need to seek help from a Brand New Home Armstrong Creek professional.


How to plan your bathroom renovation DIY.


Your initial decision is whether your bathroom needs a full redesign or just a makeover. The number of people using the bathroom and what are their requirements, these are a couple of factors that go into this decision. Spacious bathrooms require good planning and designing. There are a couple of ways to go about the planning process, you can use a computer program or you can hire a Home Improvement North Shore professional to help with this phase.


If your bathroom renovation doesn't require plumbing or electrical then you can renovate by replacing the paint, cabinets and flooring. Major plumbing and electrical jobs will require professional help, it is illegal to do these jobs yourself.


Timeframe of your renovation.


This all depends on the plan you developed. For most projects the timeframe ranges from 1-4 weeks depending on the work the bathroom requires.


Make sure your DIY project is Legal.


A permit may be required for your renovation, no matter if you are doing it yourself or if you are have a professional do it. Reconstructing your bathroom from scratch will require you to obtain a permit. Read http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/290278/interior-design for more basic information about interior designing.


Costs of DIY renovations.


The cost can vary drastically depending on how much work you are planning on doing. Renovation jobs can cost as much as $30,000 if you choose to go with a renovator. A renovator will be able to tell you an exact cost.


Choosing between DIY and professional.


Bathroom renovation DIY can be extremely cost effective if you have the skills and time required to do it correctly. Completing a DIY project is extremely satisfying and you get to be the boss of your plans. Every time you are in your completed bathroom you will feel an amazing sense of achievement.

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